Sundered Skies

The Story So Far...
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The heroes are on a small cloudskiff, the Chance, three days out of Gateway. A somber merchant, Tomas Hawke, has sponsored them to investigate the wreck of a frigate called the Raven.

Hawkes’ son, Allon, disappeared with the ship seven years ago, and the heroes are to recover his body. Allon wore distinctive black gloves embroidered with hawks, which should make their task easier. For returning the body, Hawke is willing to pay the princely sum of 1,000 cogs.

The Chance’s captain and lone crew is a superstitious orc, Karr Luckfinder, named after all the charms he carries. He discovered the Raven and had the foresight to gather some earth from the island upon which it rests, without which it would be impossible to find again. Luckfinder is only to ferry the group to and from the wreck, for which he is promised two shares of any salvage found.


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